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General Dentistry

Our General Dentists: Dipan ShahAnita Suman

General Dentistry at 33 Beaumont Street includes all routine care. Initial consultation begins with thorough and accurate diagnosis. Our aim is to preserve and enhance oral health and maintain healthy teeth and gums. To this end we source the best materials and use highly skilled dental technicians with the aim of achieving long-lasting and durable results. We continue to build on the foundations of the practice founder, Dr Malcolm Graham, who was a very skilled practitioner with exceptional standards.

The interval between routine check-ups varies greatly from individual to individual. For many an annual check-up is sufficient. If non-specialist treatment is required a follow-up appointment is usually offered within a week. Because we benefit from having specialists in different areas there is a certain amount of cross referral within the practice if the patient has complex problems.

Where necessary we can refer you to the hygienist. Hygiene appointments can be offered between check-ups.